Your Data & Privacy

As this is a non-commercial hobby project, I only collect data to the extent that the application features require it. At the moment of writing this (June 2023) all the data I store are the character sheets themselves, and the association between them and your user identifier.

I use a lot of cloud services (that third parties manage) to speed up the development of the application. To the extent that I can, I keep the data in the EU. These services I rely on are all reputable companies that are well-known in the industry:

Hosting Provider
The website is hosted by Vercel. The region for serverless functions is set to Frankfurt, Germany.
Web Analytics
I've enabled Vercel's web analytics functions to collect data on the performance of the website. (Amount of users, which countries my users are in, what sort of page load times they're seeing...) This is to help me notice issues and improve the service.
The data (essentially, the character sheets) are stored in MongoDB Atlas. The region is set to Belgium (Google Cloud Platform / europe-west1).
I use Clerk to handle user authentication. In case you sign up with an email address, it's stored in Clerk's database. Any data you see about the devices that are logged in to your account, IPs that have been used to log in, etc. are all fully managed by Clerk. If you use a social login (Google, Discord), Dork Heresy only requests access to the least amount of data possible (your email address).