Dork Heresy aims to automate as much of the book keeping as possible when it comes to playing Dark Heresy.

Currently the sheet allows you choose the home world and character advancements. Based on these selections in the career tab, the sheet automatically calculates the experience points you've spent, what talents you have gained, how many wounds your character should have, and what level your skills are.

In the inventory tab you can select the weapons and armour you have, and those will automatically be shown in the combat tab. The sheet calculates what armour value each part of the body should have and lists your weapons as attack options.

Clicking on your characteristics, skills, or weapons in the combat tab, opens up a dice roller modal. This automatically calculates a variety of things (such as what counts as short/long/etc. range for your weapon) and allows you to check boxes for a variety of situational modifiers. The dice roller then throws the dice and tells you how many degrees of success you got.

For attack rolls, the dice roller also automatically calculates what body part the attack hits, throws damage rolls for successful hits, calculates weapon jamming, automatically rolls to avoid weapon jamming if you have a weapon with the Reliable special quality, etc.

If your group uses Discord, Dork Heresy also has an integration to automatically post the dice roll results there.

Despite significant amounts of logic embedded in the system, there is also a lot that hasn't been yet implemented. Psykers' powers aren't built in at all, plenty of data (weapons, talents, etc.) from supplementary books hasn't been inserted and not every talent is automatically calculated in.

Special attacks (like various kinds of tech-priest only abilities), certain gear options (like weapon craftsmanship), and such still need to be handled manually. I've prioritised implementing features that are important for my gaming group, but feel free to contact me if you'd like to see something specific added!