Dark Heresy (1st edition) is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the universe of Warhammer 40k (Wikipedia link). While the game is no longer in print, it is still played by many fans, including myself. The mechanics of the game were somewhat clunky but the game still captured the feel of the setting in a fantastic way.

This website, Dork Heresy, is a free, non-commercial project built by a single dedicated hobbyist. After not having touched the game in a few years, I started playing it again in the spring of 2023. With the amount of calculations you need to do and situational modifiers to remember, I quickly found the pen & paper sheets (or PDFs modelled after them) to be cumbersome.

Despite having had a long career in software development, I heavily underestimated the amount of work that modelling the system would require. I initially began building this tool just for myself and my group, but after having written the first 10 000 lines of code and having sunk many hours into the project, I decided to make it available to the public.

It is my understanding that there are no intellectual property problems with this project. Game mechanics are not protected by copyright and I've avoided using any copyrighted images, descriptions, etc. from the source material. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me! :)

Pekka Astala

Technology Consultant

I have a decade+ of experience in software development. Since 2022 I've worked as an entrerpreneur and as of writing this bio (2023) am doing contracting work for Spotify.